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Grain Line Artistry


Grain Line Artistry is here to serve you, and your furniture. With nearly two decades of experience in furniture repair, including high end manufacturers, value furniture stores, antiques, and leather, we have seen it all! Methods and products are chosen to make amazing repairs permanent, invisible and to return furniture to its original or even better condition.


Our Founder, Duncan McRae, started in this line of work refinishing fine antiques while still in High School. This is when his love for fine furnishings began. Combined with a natural artistic gift passed down by his Grandfather, a renowned automobile designer, he moved into touch-up and repair, honing his skills at the largest retail chains around the country. His attention to detail and impressive customer service earned him many awards and accolades in the business. With these skills and experience, he was able to break into truly fine furniture repair.


Furniture became synonymously a career and a lifestyle. Every book or magazine read, website looked at, and shopping trip revolved around furniture. An avid collector of mid century modern furnishings, his home was soon overflowing with bargain finds he cleaned up and sometimes sold. He was certainly one to take his work home with him.


Then, in 2013, when there were no more mountains to climb, the decision was made to go into business for himself. Disappointed in the treatment customers recieved from previous employers, he has formulated a winning approach to taking complete care of each client, as well as their furniture. In doing so, he has made himself a promise: To never take a client for granted, and to completely blow them away with repairs they never thought could be done.


We offer incredible Furniture Repairs for Manufacturers, Stores, Vendors, Warehouses, Designers, Hotels, Restaurants, Construction, Moving, Insurance Companies as well as Individual Clients.


Call or e-mail us today to set an appointment, or for information on how to get a free quote!


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