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Wood Furniture Repairs: 


Invisible wood furniture repairs! Chips, nicks, cracks, and scratches will be filled and touched up with an artistic touch.


Pets can wreak havoc, chewing and scratching your fine furniture. This damage can be severe, but Grain Line Artistry has the experience to keep you loving your furniture, and your pets.


Veneer issues. Water and moisture damage. Chemical damage. Sun fading. These issues happen as a family uses and abuses their furniture over time. Why not have your furniture looking as good as new? We can fix that!


Re Gluing and repairing loose joints and broken legs, stretchers, drawers, etc.  can take your furniture from unusable to unbelievable!


Leather Furniture Repairs: 


You will be absolutely amazed at what issues we can handle on your leather.


Cuts, scratches, and rubs are expertly filled and custom-color matched. Larger areas of missing material can be patched in seamlessly.


Peeling dye and finish can happen over time in high-wear areas. These issues can be resolved and the look and feel of your leather can be brought back to new! 


When ink comes in contact with leather, it becomes as permanent as a tattoo. We have the ability to remove the ink and touch-up the affected area.


The entire purpose of owning leather furniture is for the elegence and comfort the prestigious

material brings. Allow us to make your items something you can be proud of again.

Upholstery Repairs: 


Does your sofa or chair look good, except for that cut on the arm? There are  hundreds of different types of fabric available and many can be stitched closed if they have cuts or tears. It can be a cost-effective alternative to reupholstering an otherwise good piece. The hand sewing of open and split seams is also a specialty.


Frame construction is not what it used to be. If the body of your upholstered piece is loose or making noise, reinforcing  joints and replacing broken boards will make the piece stronger than when it left the factory!


If every time you sit, you have that sinking feeling, it is likely a sagging spring issue. There are quite a few spring systems out there, from 8-way hand tied to simple no-sag springs. We have experience with them all and will fix the problem.


Recliner mechanism diagnosis, repair, and replacement is also available.


Marble, Granite, and Stone Repairs: 


Stone-based items are becoming ever more popular. Durablity is always assumed when the material is literally "hard as a rock." Unfortunatly, these items are prone to chips and cracks. The good news is that in a lot of cases, there is a fix for these issues.


There are a few products available to fill in damaged areas that work suprisingly well. Grain Line Artistry is on the forefront of these repair methods in furniture applications.


Stains and discoloration are also common perils, especially with marble and stone. These materials can absorb liquids and the colors that come with them. In most cases, the stain can be eliminated!


Stone furniture has existed since ancient times, and many examples have lasted thousands of years. We can help you enjoy yours for years to come!


Furniture Assembly: 


Finding your Ready-To-Assemble furniture isn't quite ready to assemble?


A lot of manufacturers and retailers try to save money by passing the building of furniture on to the consumer. You can still save money, but you can avoid the frustration by having us build your R.T.A. furniture!


We've worked for major retailers assembling all types of furniture. We can also make adjustments to insure that the furniture is solidly built and looks fantastic.


If you bought your cabinet with a side of swedish meatballs, sourced your table on the internet, or purchased a big box of parts from a big box retailer, we have the experience to sort it out for you.


Furniture Maintenance: 


Keeping up with maintaining your furniture can be difficult. Did you know that you should condition your leather every four months? 


Furniture is the third largest investment that most people will make in their lifetimes.  We are used to keeping up on our large purchases. Just as changing the oil in your car is important, changing the polish on your fine dining table can insure that you get many years of enjoyment out of it.


We offer a variety cleaning and maintenance programs for you furniture, whether wood, glass, stone, metal, fabric, or leather.


At Grain Line Artistry, we have an immense passion for furniture. We believe that it needs to be treated with the correct products, the right methods, and a lot of love.






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